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Aug 11, 2011
Author: Bobby Martin

The line-up of name drivers at this event is indeed stellar!

Bill Bader already has an event called Cavalcade of Stars. Last year it set a record for an event of its type, and yeah, I gotta mention I won it driving Frank Parkers TAFC in 2008. While we're at it, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I won the NHRA Summit Nationals at Norwalk that same year, so I do have some history at this great track. But Night Under Fire will feature some of my favorite drivers and cars of ALL TIME. Of course Force will be there along with teammate Robert Hight. But how about Frank Hawley and Dale Pulde. I'm a disciple of the "Professor" Frank Hawley and he will be behind the wheel of a replica of the 1973 version of the mighty Chi-Town Hustler. The early '70's Charger is one of my very favorite Funny Car bodies, and Frank gets to wheel one this Saturday. I spoke with him a couple times about this and he's very excited to be in this car at this event. It also just so happens that Dale Pulde has a score to settle on the track with Frank, so it'll be a grudge match just like the old days. If you thought the cars were the stars back in the day, you'll see 'em here. The War Eagle, Jungle Jim, Candies & Hughes, Tom Hoover's Showtime, Doc Halladay's Telstar, Dick Harrel, and yes, (we should genuflect or something) the legendary Blue Max its bad self.

This night will be "Short Attention Span Theater" at its absolute sickest. One great show after another will come to the line. Of course jet cars. Every drag show has jet cars. They're consistently great. But I've always dug wheelstanders. Danny O'Day has the quickest, and he'll be there. But I was totally blown away when I heard that one of the heroes of my childhood and one of the coolest cars, Richard Hutchins in the beautiful "Chevy Rebellion" will make some laps. This is just too cool. Here's what the Baders are saying about Rich:

We have a rare treat for you this weekend when Richard Hutchins brings theChevy Rebellion, the longest running wheel stander in the world, to SummitMotorsports Park for the 34th Annual Auto Plus Night Under Fire. Startingin 1966 Hutchins has campaigned the VW pick-up truck and its predecessorsacross America on its rear wheels for twenty five years. It's a show youjust can't miss.

Why in the world would you call a VW pickup "Chevy Rebellion?" Well I'm going strictly by memory here, there's nothing official about this, but here's my recollection. Back in the heyday of match racing, we'll say the very early seventies, some of the coolest wheelstanders were trucks. And the king of them all was Bill "Maverick" Golden's fabled "Little Red Wagon." The Wagon was always a Dodge, and one of Dodge's advertising campaigns was the "Dodge Rebellion." The Little Red Wagon was so popular that many similar vehicles were built. One was I believe the same kind of Dodge pickup, but it was powered by a Big Block Chevy. It was called Chevy Rebellion and made a good opponent for Maverick at match races and other events. Later there was a VW pickup called Chuck Poole's Chuckwagon. This thing was very pretty, and it looked like it was light, and it seemed to work well. Apparently Richard Hutchins either thought this looked like a good idea or purchased the actual Chuck Wagon because it looks very similar. In any case, he kept the name Chevy Rebellion because he made that a very famous and popular name. Again, these are just the observations and theories of a fan. If you have more info, please share it with us. Anyway, unless the Door Wars cars are run at the same time, I'll be at the starting line whenever Mr. Hutchins is ready to put on his show. I'm really thrilled that he's gonna be there.

Speaking of Door Wars, I've been informed that there will be no less than twenty (20!) super fast doorslammers battling it out for a mere eight spots in the night time show. So you will get an extra treat if you're there for qualifying. Runs are at 12 noon and 2:30. Yep, 20 cars will be making runs. This is gonna be a tough, fast field. You'll see everything from Blowers (my personal favorite), to nitrous, to turbos, and some monster-inch naturally aspirated machines. This truly will be DOOR WARS!! Don't' miss it!

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