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May 21, 2011
Author: Bobby Martin

Our friends at Dodge have made big news with a near total revamp of their product line. Spike Sterling has done a similar makeover with the Rush Willys. Yes, there will be a wild new - even lower - look to the car, but also the entire drivetrain has been given some serious upgrades. As I write this, motor maestro Billy Leverentz is assembling an all new, all-aluminum powerplant that screams the famous mantra "More Power!" A state-of-the-art Neal Chance converter will sandwich between the block and an all-new tranny from gearbox guru Carl Rossler. At one point, Rossler, Chance, and Leverentz were on a conference call sharing ideas on getting all the components coordinated. How's that for some brain power? The equation will be complete with some serious weight reduction. Spike has procured a special battery that weighs just 7 pounds, among other tricks. Now he's getting on me to shed some poundage!

We will concentrate primarily on the hottest trend in door car racing, the eighth mile. We are locked in for a summer series at Lancaster called the Pro Mod Quick 8. It debuts Friday night June 3rd. The series continues July 29th and August 19th. We also plan to run at Pittsburgh July 23rd and at Thompson July 30th and August 20th. That's right, Lancaster August 19th and Thompson on the 20th. Then don't forget Night Under Fire at Norwalk on August 13th. Of course, I'll have much more on that in the coming weeks.

We invite you to stop by and say hi and see the wild new 2011 Rush Willys and the debut event of the Pro Mod Quick 8 at Dunn Tire Raceway Park, Lancaster NY. It's the Pro Mod Quick 8, VIP Night, and TNT Hot Rods along with IHRA Drag Racing. Gates open at 5pm, racing starts at 6:30.

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