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Apr 1, 2011
Author: Bobby Martin

How relavent does it get! On Friday night, April 8th, I'll return to Punxatawney PA for WAKE 2011. It's an intense youth event for Grades 6-12 at the Christian Missionary Alliance Church. The CAP CHARGER will be there. The band "Scent of Water" will perform and my understanding is there will be some other guest speakers as well. You can even win an I-Pod Touch! Check out "WAKE 2011" on Facebook for more info. The church is at the corner of Alliance Drive and Rt. 436 in Punxy, home of the world famous Groundhog. Phil better get with it, as it's snowing there now!

On Saturday, March 26th, I was at the church for their annual basketball awards banquet. We had a great time starting with the major task of getting the race car inside the gym. Thanks to all the folks who helped. I got to speak to about 450 people about running the race to win, throwing off all encumberances, and preparing yourself for special moments when God calls you to be at your very best. The kids were great and I got to meet hundreds of them during the autograph session. They were very patient and fun to be with. So I hope to see everyone on Friday April 8th for WAKE 2011!! From 5 to 6pm it's registration and free food! The church's number is 814.938.8505.

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