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Apr 16, 2011
Author: Bobby Martin

Press Release Announcement, followed by more info for fans, followed by even more info for Hard Core fans!

It's called "The Greatest Spectacle in All of Motorsports," Bill Bader's signature event, the legendary NIGHT UNDER FIRE, this year will feature Bobby Martin driving the wild new 2011 version of Spike Sterling's outrageous "Rush" '33 Willys Supercharged Pro Mod Coupe.

Yes, John Force will be there. Yes, at least 3 other major NHRA nitro Funny Car teams will be there. You will also get to see 8 Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars, Jet Dragsters, Bob Motz' thundering Jet Kenworth Truck, and one of Bill Bader's world famous fireworks shows. Night Under Fire is the largest, most exciting single day event in drag racing. It's the perfect show for the whole family. This year's NUF (as Bill calls it) happens Saturday night - "Under the Lights" - on August the 13th. There will be racing all day, with the official Night Under Fire program getting under way at 5pm. Fans are encouraged to arrive early! Rush team driver Bobby Martin said, "Being invited to run Night Under Fire is a great accomplishment for the Rush team, and for me as a driver it ranks right up there with winning Indy. [Martin is the 2009 NHRA U.S. Nationals Top Alcohol Funny Car Champion] We are all super fired-up and honored beyond words."

-- End of Press Release. Fans may continue reading. --

Bill Bader is the premier drag racing promoter. He is a dedicated innovator and strives to make his facility and events as fan-friendly as possible. That means the best accommodations, food, and racing programs anywhere. His Night Under Fire is copied all over the country. But Bill just extends the lead every year. Night Under Fire is so huge that John Force runs a special body exclusively at this one race. Then the body is retired and fans can purchase die cast replicas that are highly sought after and collectible. Because of the presence of Force, not to mention an overflow packed house, this becomes an important event for the racers. A win here is written and talked about for months afterwards.

We all love nitro. Jets are always fun to watch. But Bill is always on the cutting edge. And in the drag racing world right now, some of the hottest (meaning on the track AND fan interest) action is in the door car categories. So this year, NUF will feature a special "Door Wars" Pro Modified Invitational. 20 teams will be invited to compete. Pro Mods can be classified into two main categories - the mountain motor (up to 900 cubic inches and beyond!) nitrous cars, and the supercharged (also called "blown") and turbocharged cars. Imagine a car with working doors just like on the street, the engine and driver in essentially the stock location, but with Twenty Five HUNDRED horsepower! You don't have to be an experienced driver or an engineer to figure out that these beasts are extreme - as in extremely difficult to control! That means some super wild drag racing action.

-- Thank you fans. Hard Core fans may continue reading --

There are also two sub-genres in terms of body styles. Some teams take the "easy" way with modern body shapes made to be as light and aerodynamic as possible. All well and good for maximum performance. Other teams deliberately add to the weirdness and wildness of the festivities with classic hot rod shapes of the past. It adds excitement and variety. The "Rush" car is one of the iconic styles of drag racing history, the fabled '33 Willys Coupe. Now of course, Spike has taken some liberties with the classic shape. The Rush car is stretched, lowered, chopped and channeled - all to extreme degrees. Even so, there are serious aerodynamic challenges involved with shoving a car that was designed in the early '30's through the wind at speeds over 200 miles per hour. It puts extra demands on the engine and the driver. But Spike has made some changes for 2011. Many times we hear the term "subtle changes" when referring to an updated car. Forget that. These upgrades are so in your face that the car's personality has been kicked up several notches on the mean scale. First, you'll notice the ground-scraping front spoiler. Spike has integrated this carbon fiber work of art into the paint scheme for a smooth, unified look. Next, Spitzer Race Cars fabricated some special running boards to aid in downforce and to complete the classic hot rod appearance. In back, a huge by awful carbon fiber wing corrals all the errant air molecules that have been struggling to make their way around that lovable, but boxy Willys body, and use them to help keep the giant slicks stuck to the race track.

But wait, you say. None of this has anything to do with the two main ways to add performance on the dragstrip - namely remove weight and, of course, add more power!! Spike has addressed these issues as well; remember the famous words of the great Enzo Ferrari himself, "Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines." Frankenstein has done some surgery to remove every possible unwanted pound. He's even instructed his driver to take it easy with the BBQ wings! But, even more radical and important, is the new powerplant under construction as we speak at one of the world's premier houses of supercharged horsepower, Oddy's Automotive in chilly Elma, New York. Billy Leverentz, who learned his trade under the tutelage of the master of supercharged performance - the consummate professional - Mr. Jim Oddy, designed, and is assembling, the biggest, baddest, most radical and powerful powerplant that will fit between the framerails of the mighty Rush Willys. And the framerails are about the only thing it fits! The body had to be extensively modified to accommodate the added width. The new blower and injection system are literally over the top. You will be appalled at the sight of the carbon fiber injector scoop reaching for precious oxygen at heights far above the car's roofline!

Being the promoter and showman that he is, Bill Bader loves variety. He loves variety because his customers love variety. You can get dozens of different flavors of ice cream at a dollar a pound at Summit Motorsports Park, and you'll see dozens of top tier, professional cars and teams at Night Under Fire. And this year he's thrown Door Wars into the mix just for some added variety. If you've read this far, you are hard core. And you absolutely must see the 2011 edition of Night Under Fire at Summit Motorsports Park. BEEEE THEEEEEERE!!!!! Keep checking back for updates, and go to www.summitmotorsportspark.com. Thank you, everyone.

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