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Mar 17, 2011
Author: Bobby Martin

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the posies is! The bird is on the wing, but that's absurd, I thought the wing was on the bird!

My mom used to greet each spring with that special poem when I was a kid. I love spring because of all the excitement and anticipation. As a car guy, of course, that all multiplies.

It's been some time since my last update, so first of all, thanks for checking in. One reason for the delay is that there's some uncertainty as to what Bobby Martin Racing will look like in 2011. I can tell you that I will again be driving Spike Sterling's fabulous Rush Willys this year. Rest assured that the Frankenstein of Outlaw Pro Mods has not been just counting the days till spring. The infamous red '33 has undergone numerous upgrades since our last installment. First, Billy Leverentz at Oddy's Automotive is concocting a new engine combination for this year. This is far from the usual refresh; the whole thing will be different from hat to pan. Yep, the first thing you'll notice is the gigundo carbon fiber injector hat extending above the (admittedly low) roofline. Under the hat will be an all-new all-aluminum power plant. Can you say More Power? Also, Spike has done his magic with the body work. This year, the new front spoiler is integrated into the paint scheme for a smoother look. Even more radical is a set of running boards that not only complete the vintage look, but also help with the aero aspects of the car as well. Spike plans on running the car even more this year. I'll keep you posted on the schedule.

I will be making two appearances in the next few weeks in Punxatawney PA. That's right, the home of the world famous groundhog. The first event will be on Saturday, March 26th at the CMA Church near Route 436. The next event is a special youth event on April 8th. The CAP CHARGER will be in tow at both events. We always say, "We have the only Funny Car here," but during all this time, I've never had the car in a gym. The March 26th event is a basketball affair and the car will be in the gym. I'll have more details on these shortly.

This Sunday I have the privilege of playing with The Edge Venue band. The Venue is Chippewa E Free Church on Braun Road in Beaver Falls PA. Things get under way at 10:45 am. That's this Sunday, March 20th. We'd love to have you join us for a cup of coffee, some really nice people, and some great contemporary worship. Even if you're not sure about church, you can come just to hear the music. Leader and guitarist Brady Novotny is a really amazing concert-level player with fantastic tone. He has a variety of sounds that, along with his polished technique, make him truly exciting to listen to. It's the kind of stuff you usually only get to hear on recordings or from 50 rows back. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear a truly fine player in an intimate, acoustically excellent setting. His wife, Jennifer is the type of vocalist who can really bring the emotion out of a song. She is a joy to hear and could be a star in her own right. Jenn will give to us her wonderful rendition of Hillsong's "Here In My Life." Also this week, Hugh Harper is doing vocals. Hugh is as dynamic and gifted a performer as you'll see anywhere. He just lights up the room when he sings. He can really nail the Third Day sound, and will demonstrate that on "Sing A Song." Hugh will also lead us in "Another Hallelujah." But wait, there's more! Hannah Dankert is a young, classically trained powerhouse that puts everything into each song. She will offer up Hillsong's "Desert Song," and I for one am really looking forward to it. Veteran rock drummer Ryan Baney handles the percussion with as much energy as anyone in the biz. Guest bassist Geoff Baker will provide the bottom end with his light blue Ibanez and a very heavy Ampeg. For an added touch of refinement and beauty, Tracy Farone adds the inimitable sounds of the violin (electric of course!). I'll be in the corner with the Marshall and SG on rhythm guitar. And yes, there will be a message you don't want to miss on the video screen. Next week, the Edge's regular rhythm player, Jim Weber, will actually lead. Now Brady, Jenn, Ryan, Jim, Hannah, Geoff, and Hugh will tell you that it's all for Jesus. An audience of one. I get to come along. And so can you. Just thought I'd send you a special invitation to join us for a very special morning. Hope to see you there.

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