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Oct 6, 2010
Author: Bobby Martin

The "All In Men's Conference" held Saturday in Zelienople was a resounding success. Four men accepted Christ as Saviour, and 16 rededicated their lives to Christ. It was a powerful day of speakers, music, and even comedy as Tom Wilson brought the house down with his special brand of humor. One of the few guys in the world with four Super Bowl rings, Jon Kolb did a great job. Leo Wisniewski had lessons for even the most seasoned warrior. Tom McGough provided some great illustrations, and my all-time baseball hero, Sid Bream, closed the event with his compelling testimony. I had the opportunity to talk about "Prayer on the Line," using the true story of how God answered prayer at the 2009 U.S. Nationals. David DeMarco did a fabulous job as worship leader and performer. This was the first such event by Christian Sports International and President Scott Grinder. Look for more of these in other locations in the months to come.

Frankenstein is at it again! The Rush Willys is a true hot rod, and as such it is constantly changing. Owner Spike "Frankenstein" Sterling just picked the car up from Mike Spitzer's headquarters in Indiana where it underwent several mods. First, and literally foremost, is a completely revamped front end with an air dam that looks like the front of a classic locomotive. As more power is built into the car, Spike feels (and I agree!) that it needs to be as stable as possible. This will radically change the appearance of the car, which had virtually no front spoiler effect and no front overhang. The car was tripping the finish line beams with the front tires like a dragster. While the appearance of the car was nice and pure, we were giving away up to 45 inches at the finish line to other body designs. Spike doesn't like to be at a disadvantage as evidenced by this radical modification. Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Prez John Mazzarana says the change could be worth up to half a tenth. Spitzer also installed custom containers to increase blow-by capacity - another step in anticipation of more power in the future. The final change is to the parachute system, which already had an air launcher. I will now be able to activate the chutes with a button right on the steering wheel. This is something I asked for for two reasons. One, it will help me get the chutes out at a more precise point, specifically right at the finish line. And two, in the event that the car is out of shape (which has been known to happen occasionally with Pro Mods) I can dump the chutes fast and still keep my hands on the wheel while trying to straighten out the car. We will try all this stuff out this Sunday at Pittsburgh Raceway Park. This Pro Mod party will be even scarier than usual as it is the Ghosts, Goblins, and Gearheads weekend. Boo! It's a two-day event, but we'll be charmingly late by showing up Sunday morning. We'll have one chance to qualify at 11am. Here's what the track says.

Don't miss our annual Ghosts, Goblins & Gearheads... featuring Pittsburgh Pro Mods (shakedown and 2 qualifying sessions Saturday, last qualifying session and eliminations on Sunday), trick or treat and costume contests, and awesome racing action!! And, knock on wood, the weather forecast for the weekend is spectacular!!

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