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Oct 1, 2010 Author: Bobby Martin

So much has been going on I haven't been able to update the site, but I had to take a second to tell you about an amazing event coming up tomorrow, Saturday October 2nd. Yeah, I know, short notice, but check out this lineup of speakers and performers. (In order of appearance)

Karl Resnik - Master Voice Teacher and Owner of the Musical Arts Center in Cincinnatti. Karl will sing the National Anthem Scott Grinder- Former Major League Umpire and President of Christian Sports International

David DeMarco - David's "Free to Worship" named to the top 100 praise and worship projects by Experienceworship.com. His song "In Awe of You" was featured on an NBC sitcom and another song on MTV

Tom Wilson - Winner of the Funniest Man competition in Youngstown OH, appeared on NBC's The West Wing, and in clubs from New York to Las Vegas.

Leo Wisniewski - Penn State Defensive Lineman went on to a career with the Baltimore and Indianapolis Colts, Currently the Men's Ministry Leader of the White Fields Foundation.

Troy Polamalu - Okay, Troy will be on video, not live. But I've seen his video clips before and they are powerful!

Jon Kolb - You gotta respect a guy who's won the NFL Stongest Man competition! He also has four Super Bowl rings as Left Tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jon has the biggest hands I've ever seen!

Bobby Martin - I won't have the car with me, but I'll definitely be the only Funny Car driver there. This is truly an honor.

Tom McGough - Former Cleveland Indians pitcher, now TV host and MC.

Sid Bream - Major League star with the Dodgers, Pirates, Braves, and Astros. Went to two World Series with the Braves.

All this takes place at the beautiful Harmony - Zelienople United Methodist Church in Zelienople PA. Go to http://hzumc.org/2010_October_newsletter.pdf for all the important details.

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