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May 26, 2010
Author: Bobby Martin

This just demonstrates my rookieness in this type of racing.

Here in News & Views I've been talking about Saturday's Asphalt Wars as a quarter mile race. I thought this was the case because none of the promo material I saw indicated otherwise. Not good to assume, right? It looks like it is, in fact, an eighth mile event. I base this on some video I saw of previous events. This is turning into a hot type of racing in our area. Norwalk's Door Wars and Pittsburgh's Pittsburgh Pro Mods are both eighth mile events. It looks like the default in Doorslammer match racing is the eighth mile. There are quarter mile races, such as the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods, but they are less common.

Why eighth mile? I think the main reason you see eighth mile racing so much in this genre is because that's the tradition. Doorslammer racing, particularly run-watcha-brung style match racing, originated in the South. Most of the backwoods southern tracks are eighth mile. There's a spirit of letting it all hang out when there are few or no rules and you're running an eighth of a mile. The shows are great, and the fans dig 'em. Now around here, these events are run on tracks that normally run to the quarter mile mark. But look at the rules. There are no rules. It's says just that in the promo piece for Asphalt Wars. So if you're not going to weigh the cars, and the cars are anything from 800+ cubic inches with nitrous to turbo-charged to supercharged, I think the track owners feel better letting them begin their shut-down procedure at the eighth mile cone. The action is plenty wild, believe me! I can tell you this for sure, eighth mile racing is an absolute blast for the racer and for the spectator. Most fans stick close to the starting line anyway. You really can't see much of what's happening the second half of a quarter mile run except to wait for the numbers on the scoreboard. In eighth-mile racing, you can actually see the whole race. And don't worry about speed. These outlaw monsters will be right around the 180 mile per hour range at the finish line. That's zero to 180 in 4 seconds my friend, and it's a real handful for the driver too. Many times, the driver is more than happy to throw the laundry at 660 feet to calm things down out there!

So what about the Rush Willys? The closest we've come to making a full pass was at this very track (Thompson) at last year's Gasser Magazine Nationals. The numbers were 4.70 at a shut-off 123. So the crowd will see what the car can do right along with us. Gates open at 10. First round of qualifying is at 12:30. See the next News & Views entry for more details about this Saturday's Asphalt Wars. (except for the part about the quarter mile.)

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