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May 25, 2010
Author: Bobby Martin

It's a good thing you can rock when it rains.

The Pittsburgh Pro Mod event was rained out last Friday (May 14th). It was an "almost," though, as the track manager tried to get the event in, but then had to call it due to the thunderstorms. So we were there and walked the track and everything. The track looked good and I was getting fired up to make some good runs. Then more rain. In testing, we found that there wasn't enough clearance to allow for tire growth at speed. Spike made some changes and we really thought we were ready, but we still haven't gotten to try it with the changes. One obvious one was a different size tire. Still, no one will say the tires look too small. They are now the same size as on our Funny Car! The event was run on Saturday, but Spike had business obligations and couldn't stay. Now we are looking at a few options for our next event.

It has been very gratifying to see all the excitement surrounding our team. There are a lot of opportunities for us, but we want to have the car sorted out before we hit the strip, especially for quarter mile racing. The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association is one of the coolest groups out there. They've already run a couple events, and they are anxious to have us join them. But they're not called the 1320 Warriors for nothing. It's a full quarter mile. I've yet to attempt a quarter mile pass with the Rush Willys. There are also some nostalgia events we're looking at. Right now, the next thing we plan to do is "Asphalt Wars" at Thompson Raceway Park. That's on Saturday, May 29th. All the pix on the site so far are at Thompson. We made some test laps there during last Fall's Gasser Magazine Nationals. We received a warm reception to say the least. The people at the track were phenomenal, so we're going back. Updates as they become available.


Brother Bruce and I, along with drummer Jay Tierney, played at Mac's Bad Art Bar in Syracuse NY a few weeks back. Mac's is the quintessential rock club. It is way cool. The coolest part is the sound system. It's a JBL concert rig that sounds truly righteous. This night was one of the neatest experiences of my life. About five bands played, and the wild part was the diversity. One of the highlights was the soul group New Element. They did a 12 minute version of Earth, Wind, and Fire's "Shining Star" that just rocked the joint. Other groups did reggae, and soft rock. One band had a guy on guitar, and his dad on the other guitar. How cool is that! All the musicians were very supportive of each other. There was a general vibe of brotherhood all night. Lots of Bruce's "Shockaholics" attended, and they were their usual vocal selves. That makes it even more fun. And we could play even when it was raining! You know what they say about words and pictures, so click here to see us playing Rock Star, only with real guitars. Thanks for stopping by. Please check back for more updates on the Power Machine, and the Rush Willys.

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