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Mar 31, 2010 Author: Bobby Martin

NEOPMA is the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association. It's clear just from the website that this group does everything first class.

Here's the write-up that the "1320 Pro Mod Warriors" put up about our team:

Written by Vito Micciolo

(3-17-2010) Wintersville, OH - Spike Sterling, owner of the Rush '33 Willy's, with his "Orange County Choppers" mustache and pony tail, presents a very cool, marketable image that fits great with the NEOPM and their "Extreme" themes. Driver Bobby Martin started on a match race circuit, and has since done appearances at schools, special events, and on ESPN2 national event coverage. They will work hard to give the track owners what they expect in terms of performance and interaction with the fans.

The Rush Willy's has only appeared in public once, at a Gasser Reunion event at Thompson Dragway. The car is brand new, so it has not yet been seen by the fans, and they are in for a treat. Their website is www.bobbymartinracing.com. Please visit their website if you'd like to learn more about this amazing team.

"Congratulations to the NEOPM for what you have accomplished with the series. Even the website is first class. I've been driving alcohol Funny Cars for a number of years. The Funny Car gig went well, culminating with the win at the 2009 NHRA U.S. Nationals. For 2010, I'll pilot a door car for the first time - Spike Sterling's outrageous "Rush" Oddy powered, Spitzer chassis (Spitzer's first door car too!), blown '33 Willy's coupe. I told Spike about the Association and all the great stuff they've got going on. He's fired up about running with you NEOPMA and so am I", said Bobby Martin.

All the NEOPMA events will be a feast for door car fans. There are actually two classes. And as you know, ZZ Top says, "They come in two classes, rhinestone shades and cheap sunglasses." For the 1320 Warriors the rhinestone shades are the hi-tech nitrous injected and normally aspirated cars (basically pro stockers), and then there are the cheap sunglasses, the turbo and blown cars. (although it might be a bit of a stretch to classify a highly sophisticated turbo combination this way.) The Professor of Pro Stock, Warren Johnson, once told me that when it comes to making horsepower, "A blower is a crutch." Okay, so the Rush Willys is equipped with a huge crutch that protrudes from the hood like an erupting volcano. Now, how will we compete with such an aerodynamically challenged body design? Well gang, the answer for that little dilemma comes from no less an automotive icon than Enzo Ferrari, who is quoted in the current issue of Motor Trend magazine as saying, (get ready, this is a good one) "Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines." Jim Oddy and the boys have us covered there. You can see all the other great cars, get schedule information, and all the latest news on the hottest, fastest growing class in drag racing, Pro Modified, at www.neoutlawpromods.com.

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