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Jan 11, 2010
Author: Bobby Martin

It's been snowing for two weeks with temps barely out of the teens. Time to talk racing.

As we get underway with the new year, our report is no doubt like that of many teams you're reading about these days. We're working on our sponsorship deals and things are yet to be finalized. We have some nice stuff in the works, but are still waiting for the official "go." The Parkers and I plan to compete in 2010 on at least the same level we've done the past two years. We would like to even step it up this year, and regain the Division Championship and go after a national program as well. The whole crew will be back. Frank and Dan are cooking up some interesting tweaks on their race car. In those respects, things are as they should be this time of year. Spike Sterling has lots of plans for the Rush Willys too. We just need to sit down and figure out exactly which events to go to. I would say you can expect our Funny Car schedule to be similar to 2009, but of course you should see the Willys at lots more events in 2010.

I plan on doing a lot of speaking engagements this year, and now's the perfect time to schedule one. Just drop me a line at bobby@bobbymartinracing.com and let me know what you want to do. I can tell you that we have some neat things in the works in Ohio and Virginia. Spike wants to do the Door Wars events at Norwalk. We would have liked to gone to a couple last year, but it rained. He's talking about being a regular in 2010. We may also show up at various nostalgia and gasser meets. We're getting close to making some announcements, so check with us often for
updates. As soon as I know, you'll know.

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