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Oct 9, 2009
Author: Bobby Martin

Bill Bader can't control the weather, but he did not want to cancel Door Wars. Since we can't race in the rain, he did the next best thing, by saying, "Let's do it next week."

Call it a "Cease Fire." I guess that what you call it when a war is postponed. But the Friday Night Chaos program, originally scheduled for October 9th, has been moved to the following Friday, October 16th. The October 9th date was already a rain date from last June. Friday Night Chaos has proved to be a very popular event, so the Baders want to get it in. Spike Sterling, owner of the wild new Rush Willys, is very anxious to make the car's competition debut. Spike saying, "We have had the car rebalanced to meet the Door Wars weight requirements and at the same take maximum advantage of our driver's "lightweight" frame. We had to put a lot of weight into the car, so I told Lori to feed Bobby some cupcakes." Spike has also done work with the fuel system and exhaust that should pretty much guarantee more performance. Now this is second-hand info, but I heard that there were 28 cars entered for the 8 car field. Qualifying will be a zoo! (Or total chaos!)

In a recent News & Views, I mentioned, kiddingly of course, that the Rush Willys would provide the chaos. Apparently, there's plenty to go around. The track website said that sideways runs and blowing stuff up was the rule rather than the exception at the last Door Wars. Now add a total rookie driver in a brand new car and you get the drift: It's going to be one wild evening of drag racing. Some of the cars have engines over 800 cubic inches. Some are running up to 4 stages of nitrous. So stuff happens.

Anyway, we're gonna be there next week, weather permitting. Check back here for updates and see www.summitmotorsportspark,com Stay tuned for more on this and a Power Machine update. Thanks for stopping by.

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