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Mar 18, 2009
Author: Bobby Martin

We have new photos from the NHRA Division 3 Awards Banquet, and an update on Parkertech's plans for the 2009 racing season.

Frank and Dan Parker's Parkertech Dodge Funny Car is ready to race. Frank and Dan with the whole crew, Mike Meeks, Larry Radke, Kevin Wilhelms, and Kyle Pelfrey, along with Rachel Parker, Tom Cunningham, Tom McVey, Charlie Henry and all our family and friends have been working hard over the winter. The entire team is back! In fact, they not only have maintained the car, but have updated and upgraded it. Our goals are to defend our Division 3 Championship, repeat our Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals championship, and try to add a couple more titles to the list this year.

Frank and Dan did lots of work on the fuel system and supercharger to tweak an already stout tune-up. Frank is confident that after a couple runs to make final adjustments, their Charger should really boogie. I've learned to put a lot of stock in Frank's predictions. He gives me tons of confidence because, as we've seen, he gets the results. There may be some other changes to the engine combination as well. Frank talked about many different things, and at this point I'm not sure which ones he used. He had some ideas about how to get the car through the first part of the run quicker and more consistently. We'll see what's in it when we get out there. He may make even more changes before then. The body was treated to some TLC including new paint. Again, lots of possibilities were discussed, but the car will be white again to start the year. That is, unless we land a sponsor who wants to change the color. The "plain white wrapper" is an invitation to savvy marketing partners to come on in, the racing's fine!

We're very excited about taking the momentum the team created in 2008 and moving forward to the next level. Lane Automotive is back, along with VP Racing Fuels and Permatex. Longtime Parkertech supporters like Mancini Racing are with us too. Parkertech Racing Services and Bobby Martin Racing both established a tradition of long-standing business partnerships due to their personal involvement. You could say, it's not just business, it's personal. Now, as a powerful unit, we believe our new alliance offers many competitive advantages for sponsors. The Parkers' years of experience and solid track record are rare and valuable assets. I bring a unique combination of communication and business skills to the mix, particularly in the area of education. The synergy between the Parker and Martin teams, and the cohesive unit that it created, resulted in solid performance on the track in a very short time. We have also led the way in off-track activities that bring added value to marketing programs.

Another area of discussion is when the 2009 Parkertech Charger will hit the track. Once again, business and racing strategies are both factors. Right now, I would say that the latest we'd hit the track is the Division 3 opener at Indy. Thanks for visiting, and come on back for updates.

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