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Oct 22, 2008
Author: Bobby Martin

There's lots of talk about the Powerade Countdown to the Championship. But here in the Top Alcohol classes, there's a war going on as well.

In Top Alcohol Funny Car, Frank, Dan, Lori, Rachel, the crew and I congratulate Frank Manzo as he has wrapped up the title with yet another perfect season. But from second on down it's a dog fight, and those positions are important to the racers. This weekend in Reynolds Georgia there's a lil' ol' southern style points meet. Trust me, it'll be about as laid back as a war zone. Our Parkertech/Lane Automotive/CAP team is currently #8 in the country. It would be the first Top Ten finish for any of us, but we're not stopping there. We'd like to add to our points total with a good showing at Reynolds. It's going to be anything but easy, though. Cue the scary music. Monster teams like Jay Payne and Steve Harker are coming to devour the competition. Rookie sensation Nick Bastaio and veteran super-tuner Bob Newberry plan to make the scene. Bad hombres like Keeter Ray, Mark Billington, and Paul Anderson will also be around to mix it up big time. This is going to be like a secret little national event down there.

On Monday, I'll be stopping by Gwinnett tech to say hi to the CAP students there and do some bench racing. I look forward to returning to Gwinnett and meeting the new CAP coordinator, John Stahl.

I've never raced at Silver Dollar Raceway. Everyone says it's great, though. It's sixty feet wide with 3000 feet of shutdown. Yeah, we'll be gunnin' it the full quarter mile. Frank and Dan Parker say they're prepared for some more 255+ blasts. We're ready to get back to green flag racin' after the setback in Dallas. With all these fast cars, a lot of it will ride with the drivers. Mike, Kyle, Larry, and Kev are ready for some Drag Racin' too. Boogity Boogity!

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