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Sep 16, 2008
Author: Bobby Martin

As I write this, our Parkertech/Lane Automotive/CAP team is in the Top Ten nationally. A lot can happen in Dallas

The old saying, "what a difference a year makes" certainly applies to this race. Last year I went to Dallas just to display the CAP CHARGER for TSTC and CAP. Fortunately Dennis Taylor and the great people at ESPN2 filmed a Sportsman Spotlight there to show for Pomona. The situation is way different this year as we try to hold on to a Top Ten position. In fact, with the right results, we could even move up a couple spots.

Honestly, with making the huge move to drive for another team and all the unknowns that go with that, we're all just ecstatic about how this year has gone. Dallas is an anomaly for me. I love going there, but I've never done particularly well. We've shown potential, but race day just never happened for me. That's one reason why this trip is so special. We wanna show the Texas fans what we can do. But the big thing is that the points race is really tight among the Top Ten teams. One good day can really move you up. Right now we're hanging on precariously to that number 10 spot after some great recent showings by Von Smith, Roger Bateman, and Mick Snyder. But just one more point and we're ninth, just to show how tight it is. A lot of the Top Ten players will be at Dallas, along with a few teams just outside the Top Ten who, with a good showing at this race, could easily move up.

Our Parkertech team has to be on its game in Dallas. Even championship teams have a bad game here or there. Indy wasn't what we were looking for, but now it's time to get tough. Frank and Dan Parker, along with the newly married Larry Radke, Kyle Pelfrey and Kevin Wilhelm are all super psyched about this weekend. The bad weather is gone, and the forecast looks great for racing. While Frank and Dan readied the car, the rest of the gang was in Columbus for Larry's wedding to the former Crista Slemmer. Even though it's their honeymoon time, they will not miss this race. That's how much it means to all of us. Lori made arrangements at the last minute to be there too. I'm not sure yet about Rachel Parker, but otherwise our team will be in Texas full force and ready to rock. Some of the team's special backers have stepped up to ensure we could go to Texas. Steve Sanchez of Total Flow Products has been thrilled with how we've done with his Total Flow heads this year. Thank you, Steve!

Whatever the outcome we want to thank all the great people who've make this a very special year including Lane Automotive, CAP, Aeroquip, Red Line Oil, Casebolt Financial, VP Racing Fuels, Permatex, Crane Cams, Superwinch, Ringer's Gloves, Valco, All-Star Performance, Mopar.

The bottom line is that we'd love to come back bigger and badder for 2009. It'll be fun to see what happens next.

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