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Jul 23, 2008
Author: Bobby Martin

Race cars, Street Rods, Customs, Bikes, and racing Karts will all be part of the action Wednesday, July 30th at 4pm at Chippewa E Free Church, 239 Braun Road, Beaver Falls, PA.

One of the most fun events for Lori, the team, and me every year is the "Power Cruise" at our church. The cruise has always featured some of the best street rods and street machines in the tri-state area. But this year look for even more hot motorcycles and state-of-the-art racing go karts. There will be plenty of food for everybody and some special attractions to keep the kids happy too, so bring the whole gang!

The event starts at 4pm, then around 7 we will do our "California Style Fire-Up." I stole this concept from the legendary Funny Car shows of the seventies where all the cars would line up on the track and start their engines at the same time. Very cool. Only we won't have 32 Funny Cars, so here's our twist on it. First, all the street cars will fire up at once and make as much noise as they want. (Some guys really get into this.) Then we'll have all the bikes light 'em up. There should be a good mix of two stroke and four stoke tones for a superb overall effect. Then, our race Karts get their turn. If you think that because these things are small, that they can't make noise, watch out. Last year, Mark Bergfelt, one of the
leading kart racing engine builders in the nation, had a supercharged creation there that just wailed! After that, we plan to light up the supercharged 526 cubic inch Hemi in the CAP CHARGER. Oh yeah, babe. Last year we had some surprise appearances by some pretty hot machines, so whoever shows up, we'll give you a chance to shine.

Hot cars, good food, fun music, and great people. You just gotta BE THERE!

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