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Jun 3, 2008
Author: Bobby Martin

Rock guitarists know that one sure way to achieve a really intense tone is to turn all the knobs all the way up. Well, the intensity level for Parkertech and Bobby Martin Racing will reach new highs as we crank it up in June.

I've found that to be true. I'm certainly no Steve Vai, but with my rig if the gain, bass, middle, and treble are all all the way up, the sound is pretty mean. Rich, full-bodied tone with lots of juicy harmonics and sustain. In the movie "Spinal Tap," they turned the knobs beyond 10, to a never before seen 11, to achieve that elusive perfect tone and a new level of intensity. Things are going to be really intense around here this month as we will race four events in four weeks. It hasn't escaped us that this one month could be pivotal in our careers. Consider that we're starting at the NHRA Nationals in Joliet, home of the Jeg's All Stars. That means that every name driver and team in the country will be at that event. The size and depth of the field is rivaled only by the U.S. Nationals. A good showing here could really move us to new levels in the food chain.

The following week, we stay in Joliet for the Division 3 event there. The points really tightened up after only one round at Norwalk. Here again, we need to go rounds (like, three) to keep on track to our goal of a Division championship. From there it's on to Englishtown. This event is not normally a stop on the Parkers' schedule. But because it's been my best track in terms of results, we're going there to see what we can do with our new team. We finish the "June Summer Heat Tour" in Norwalk for the NHRA Nationals there. Look out, Loretta. This is the site of the world's most technically perfect drag strip. We already achieved a career best (for me) 5.575 elapsed time at this track at the Cavalcade of Stars event last month. With a national event prep on this track, records are doomed.

That 5.575 will make it tough to stay under the radar. Bob Frey, the most astute observer of drag racing in the world said this in his "Did You Know" piece at dragracecentral, "I did notice that Bobby Martin, who now drives for the Parker family, was right there with Frank [Manzo] in qualifying after running a personal best of 5.575. That run qualified Bobby second with Frank's 5.573 the only one who was better going into race day...."

For me, the main job is to stay out of Frank and Dan Parker's way. They are among the best tuners and owners out there. I need to get the car down the track as fast as possible every time. Perfection is impossible. If it wasn't, there would be no such thing as bowling. In drag racing, the super classes would be meaningless. (Although admittedly, those Super Comp and Super Gas racers are getting awfully close) That's the scary thing. We'll be racing against the best of the best. I don't want to be the reason this team doesn't make a good showing. Hello there, Ladies and Gentlemen. Are you ready to rock? Are you ready or not? Martin and Norwalk were our sound check. Now it's showtime.

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