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Apr 11, 2008
Author: Bobby Martin

It may not be as famous or sound as good as March Madness, but it's going to be crazy around here the next couple of weeks. The Parkertech Dodge/CAP team was ready to begin the season at Indy this weekend, but with projected temps in the '40's and a good chance of rain, Division 3 wisely postponed the race. For me personally, it kinda squeezes my schedule a little bit.

This Wednesday and Thursday, April 16th and 17th, I'll appear with the CAP CHARGER at the Dunwoody College of Technology for their Automotive Technology Open House. Geography buffs know that Dunwoody is in Minneapolis. I'll do several presentations, plus an appearance with the race car at Dodge of Burnsville. High School students from around the area were invited to attend, and I look forward to seeing everybody for my first visit to Dunwoody College.

The madness comes with the new schedule. Activities at Dunwoody include an Open House with local media until the evening hours on Thursday. With the newly scheduled Indy event, qualifying will be in the afternoon on Friday, April 18th. I've gotta get a little sleep, then do the 600 miles between the metropolises (metropoli?) of Minneapolis and Indianapolis. My plan is to arrive at the track in time for the warm-up at about 2:30, then make a killer qualifying run at 4.

Frank and Dan Parker have the Parkertech/Lane Automotive/CAP Charger ready to rock. We learned a lot at Gainesville, and are looking forward to firing up the Divisional campaign at Indy. Lots of teams have high hopes for this season. So do we.

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