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Mar 6, 2008
Author: Bobby Martin

Ya gotta walk the walk, not just talk the talk. I've been talking about Chrysler's CAP program, and what a great choice it is to start your career path, for nearly 15 years. I was thrilled to receive this unsolicited testimonial from my nephew after announcing I was teaming up with Frank Parker:

Hey Uncle Bobby,

I heard about the amazing news and I just had to email you. CONGRATULATIONS on teaming up with the ParkerTech Racing crew. I am so psyched for you. I can only imagine how great you feel. I cant wait to come see you race and to chill with your new crew. So far things have been going great in the CAP program. I am working in a dealership this semester and love waking up and working on cars. The only thing is the dealership I am working at is in the progress of rebuilding and is hurting on buisness so part of the time I am just waiting on a car to fix. But it is okay because I have a feeling things will get better around there and up to speed. I am looking forward to showing my teacher, as well as you, all the cool things I have learned while working in the dealership. Again congratulations on the incredible once in a lifetime chance to work with such a great crew.

Jake the Snake

Jake is a student at Gwinnett Technical Institute, the CAP school for the Atlanta Georgia area. The CAP coordinator there, Wesley Baird, did a great job getting Jake acclaimated, and Jake is doing great. Go to CHRYSLERCAP.COM for more info

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